It was originally planned that Rosatos would be open again by last Friday and The Yetis were booked but had to be cancelled. Tonight (Wednesday) was the next date where it was to be opened but wasn’t.

With the Paddy’s Day weekend coming up there is now a race against time to get Rosatos opened.

The Yetis are booked for Friday night, the 4-piece Elephant Bone Blues for Saturday night, Bulrush the duo from Derry on the Sunday night and Paddy the Shoe on Monday evening.

Bumper Weekend

A bumper weekend is in store – provided they can get it opened again. I saw Eddie this evening running to Norris’s and running back again this evening.

If they miss this weekend that will hit them badly as there has been not only the cost of renovation but the lost income from the past couple of months so they will be very keen to get open for this weekend.

No pub wants to be shut on Paddy’s Weekend (as it has now become).

I’m told that Friday night is the most likely opening night still but Eddie will probably age a bit between now and then to try to get it open again.