Shore Path

I’d heard what a good job the FAS guys have been doing fixing the shore path and today I saw it with my own eyes when I took a walk along the shore as far as Lafferty’s Lane.

They’ve started from the Moville. they also picked the low-hanging fruit and the problems that caused the most grief to those seeking to walk along the shore.

Most of the small problems have been fixed and they are now starting on the bigger more structural problems.

Bathing Boxes

Of course they won’t be able to do them all as two or three problems, including the Bathing Boxes and the bit just before the shore path ends, will need machinery.

Martin Farren, who has been keeping a close eye on it said that the big jobs have been put out to tender.

Set In Stone

It’s traditional in Moville that as soon as cement is laid down on a public place, those that want their names preserved for posterity trace their names on the drying cement.

You’re now immortal Sophie, Charlotte and Emma.

Another phenomenon is that the dogs of Moville ignore all Keep Out signs and most concrete has dog paws on them as well as people’s names.

Spend It

One hopes that any money that the FAS guys have saved Donegal Council gets spent on the shore anyway.

Bathing Boxes

It would be great to get the Bathing Boxes back in tiptop condition and maybe the sand pit restored. It used to be very popular with young families.

Maybe the storms will turn out to be a blessing in disguise.