Great Day

The two previous days had been pretty good but nothing like today in Moville. The skies were clear and blue and it was warm enough to sit outside.

There was little more than whiff of wind which made it very pleasant.

I took a walk down the shore path and the water in Lough Foyle was like glass.

There were ducks and geese skimming along the top and plenty of walkers making their way back and forth along the shore.

Like Glass

There were a couple of mussel or oyster boats out and they cut lines along the water like smooth glass-cutters.

When the weather is good in Moville there is nothing like it.

It seems that there the weather is going to stay good right up till Sunday.

Paddy’s Day

St Patrick’s Day still have a bad forecast but that has plenty of time to change.

It’s great to see days like this again.

There should be many more to come.