Tony Bramwell

Tony Bramwell told me that this would be a busy year for him as this was the 50th anniversary of the Beatles going to America and that he and Paul McCartney were making plans.

I had told him a while back that the dates would be August 1st to 3rd and he passed that on to his large number of Friends on Facebook.

That was last year, though, and I didn’t know if he had made plans since.

So, I emailed him and asked him if he would be available for the 8th running of the BeatlesFest on the Lough in Moville, Co. Donegal in Ireland.

Thankfully he replied “Yup the dates are fine! Hope all is well? Cheers, Bramwell”.

So, that’s one thing in place.


Tony was a childhood friend of Paul and George’s and was there when John and Paul first played together.

He became their road manager and saw every gig they ever did after they came back from Hamburg.

He then went on to become their PR guy and their talent scout discovering James Taylor. He also put Jimi Hendrix’s first ever major gig on at the Saville Theatre which he ran for Beatles manager Brian Epstein.

He became joint head of Apple records and head of Apple Films and was a pioneer of pop videos getting an MTV Recognition Award.

Polydor Records

He became head of Polydor Records with the Bee Gees, The Jam,Roxy Music and Slade in his stable.

He was responsible for the music for Grease and Saturday Night Fever getting the Bee Gees to write the songs and perform them.

He was responsible for the music for 5 Bond films getting Paul McCartney to do Live and Let Die.

Somewhere along the way he discovered Eva Cassidy. He is a great friend of Bruce Springstein’s whom he knew before he was famous.


He told local reporter Katie  Barr that Nashville, Hawaii and Moville are his favourite three places in the world and told the Irish News that he would like to retire in Moville.

Tony Bramwell 007

He tells me that he makes a report to Paul and Ringo each year after the BeatlesFest in Moville.

Indeed the very first year he came, he turned down an invitation from Paul to come and watch him play in Toronto telling him “I can’t. I’m doing the BeatlesFest in Moville”.

His book Magical Mystery Tours: My Life With The Beatles” is almost a history of the Sixties. He knew everyone.

And in early August he will be in Moville for something like the 9th time in 4 years for the BeatlesFest on the Lough.

I can’t wait!

Welcome to Beatles News Readers who have joined us today.


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