Sunny Days

It seems quite a while since we had a few warm sunny days together. However, that should all change this week with good weather predicted starting on Monday and going all the way through to Thursday.

It will be mainly sunny for these 4 days.

It will seem a lot more like spring after those few days and there will be more signs of greenery and spring flowers after that.

Monday will have a peak of 8 degrees but the following three days will have peaks of 12 degrees.

Paddy’s Day

I’m afraid that the weather for St. Patrick’s weekend turns rainy again with cloudy, windy weather with a maximum temperature of 7 degrees for St. Patrick’s day itself.

Paddy’s Day used to be lucky with the weather but less so recently.

There’s still plenty of time for the temperatures and forecast to change before then, though.

Let’s hope it does.