Stuck Inside of Moville

There will be a fuller programme for the DylanFest this year. It will be more like the first couple of years  when there was more activity in the pubs during the day.

There has been plenty to do at night during recent DylanFests and there has been music outdoors at the picturesque Putting Green Cafe in Bath Green overlooking Lough Foyle – but there was less indoors during the day at the last few DylanFests.

If there was some rain at the open-air Putting Green Cafe then people were looking for other things to do.

More Gigs

However, this year there will be more during-the-day and evening acts so we will be able to have a more rounded programme.

We have more great acts than there are pubs to put them on in. We will have to see which pubs want to come in this year.

However, Rosatos have already booked their acts for all 4 nights at the festival.

Al Diesan, from Sardinia, is on two nights, Jacques Mees from Holland, is on for one night and Bulrush from Derry on for one night.

The Pubs

We will be talking to other pubs to see which ones want to be in this year and which acts they want to hire.

The signs ar good that it is going to be a good DylanFest this year and with the Caiseal Mara opening there will be more places for potential visitors to stay.

Hopefully the Caiseal Mara will also be in the DylanFest as well.

The Acts

Among the acts that want to play this year are Al Diesan, Jacques Mees, Bulrush, Gary Teer (who played McGettigan’s one year), Blowins In The Wind, a five piece band from Sligo and Bobby Plays Dylan from Glasgow who got to meet Bob Dylan recently and had a chat after Dylan saw a YouTube video of him playing Like A Rolling Stone at the Oran Mor in Glasgow.

We also have Mickey ‘The Hat’ Roberts from Wales who is 90% sure he can come, hopefully Scotsman Billy McInnes who played in Maguires last year and a new guy from Sardinia in Italy, Riccardo Delusso.

Outdoor v Indoor

We will make it more structured during the day this year with acts taking place at different times in different pubs.

People can have a choice then where they want to listen to Dylan music at the Putting Green Cafe overlooking the lough with a coffee and cream tea, or with a pint in their hand in a pub.

I must say that I’m really looking forward to it.

It’s looking good already.