Caiseal Mara

CraicOn talked to a spokesman for the new owners tonight and he spoke of some plans that the new owner has.

Although pleasantly surprised by the good condition of the bar and restaurant, he thinks a bad job was made of the bar.

I think he is not the only one. A lot of people preferred the way it was before and the new bar seemed just like an after thought.


Last time I talked to his spokesman he said that they were intending shortening the bar a bit so that they could have the music act on at that space there, where the cigarette machine was, so that everyone could see the musician.

Currently the musician is tucked in a corner where most people can’t see him.

Function Room

This time I spoke to him he said that they were wondering about using the smaller function room as a place to put music on. It already has a stage and a bar.

I told him I thought that was an excellent idea.

They are talking about maybe getting really good name  acts, perhaps from outside the area, once a month that would draw good crowds.

It will be such a blessing when it does open and it sounds like the new owners are going to make a good job of it.