The New Year got off to a slow start for one group of Muff Ladies! The wee gang had planned their first venture of 2014 in late January but other issues got in the way and it only materialised last night. But as always it was worth the wait!

Just over a year ago, this wee group got together after much discussion and had a wee dining (and wining) night out. The meeting place was the local bar/restaurant The Magnet. Since then, the said ladies have ventured further afield and also near home on a monthly basis. So on the anniversary of that first night out, it was The Magnet once more!

The night started of dirty! As the last lady was collected, she managed to step in a puddle and not until she got into the light of the restaurant did she realise that there was more than water on those jeans. There was mud….and more mud! But too late to change, it was to remain dirty till the end!

And before food could be thought off, there was wine. Food was eaten, and there was wine. Table was cleared, and there was wine! Someone mentioned Lent, so they ordered more wine! From angels, to keeping fit the chitter flowed. A little talk about Mr M (past and future) and lots of laughter. And a wee shopping trip might just be on the horizon. If those cocktails are served, Muff will never be the same again when they return! All of life’s problems were solved. It’s amazing how magical wine can really be. Wine

As for the food, one would think there was only one meal on the menu. All five ordered the same. It was worth it though! If bird flu breaks out in the village we’ll be sure to get it first! And if ‘wine’ flu sets in before that, we’ll definitely be coming down with that!

The next night is coming soon. And it might just be ‘Breakfast at Tifanny’s’. Now that will be fun!