We received this email and thought it would be an idea to publish it. I must say that I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments.



Hello, My name is George Mc Mullan, I’d be a visitor to Moville for the past 10 or so years.
I am from Derry and visit Moville at every opportunity.
I like to walk along the Shore path when I’m there, as it’s a beautiful scenic walk.
I was devastated by the damage done at the beginning of this year.
I went down to see it for myself after viewing photographs on your website – terrible damage.
Bathing Boxes
I returned this week for the first time since then, and was amazed at how much repair work was done to the walk.
Speaking to the FAS scheme workers, I was informed that they had done all the repairs and would continue to do so.
I thought this showed great Community spirit, particularly since I was made aware of the fact that these guys only receive 20 pound extra a week on top of social welfare benefits and yet they have taken on such a large job, that in most other towns, including Derry, a large contracting company would be paid a lot of money to do.
It’s unbelievable!
I honestly believe that these guys should be rewarded for their continued work on the shore path as the standard of the work is as good as any contractor.
I noticed that you seem to be a local representative, and run a great website.
I therefore thought you would be the man to bring this up with.
And hopefully, some attention shall be brought to this, and it may help get these guys the thanks they deserve. They are a great team of builders!

Yours sincerely
George Mc Mullan
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CraicOn Comment
Glad to be of service George.
I think you said it all!
These guys have done, and are doing, a really fantastic job and I’m happy to be able to publish your correspondence saying so.