Caiseal Mara

The new owner of the Caiseal Mara, Ciaran McKenna, was hoping to open the Caiseal Mara this week. However, problems with the Council in terms of agreement on Water Rates has scuppered that.

The problems with the auctioneer’s lawyers are all solved but his own solicitor doesn’t want him to accept the keys until everything is sorted out.

They expect to get the keys within the next couple of weeks and the licence transferred in the same period.

As he’s in the construction industry he expect that it will take it just a week or so to knock it into shape.


The main source fo frustration is that he can’t get a definite opening date which prevents him from being able to take bookings.

However, it will all be resolved in the coming weeks and it won’t be too long before the Caiseal Mara opens again – which will be good news for Moville.