Bobby Plays Dylan

Bobby Plays Dylan played at the Tall Ships Race in Greenock in 2012 where hundreds of thousands of visitor came to see the start of that leg. Bobby played to a good crowd in an old warehouse.

Next he played outside at the Oran More in Glasgow to a rapidly growing crowd. He put a few tracks from it on YouTube.

Bob Dylan

It seems that Bob Dylan saw the YouTube take of him playing Like A Rolling Stone and asked to meet him next time he was in Glasgow. A mutual friend told me that Bobby wanted to play Stuck Inside of Moville, the DylanFest on the Lough and put me in touch with Bobby who confirmed that he wanted to play our festival.

That was a few months back. Now I’m getting into DylanFest mode (Rosatos already have all their acts booked) I thought I’d contact Bobby again to see if it had been arranged for him to meet Dylan yet.

Met Him “I met up with him last November” said Bobby. “He said that he liked the YouTube video of me playing Like a Rolling STone at the Oran Mor”.

I was surprised as I didn’t think Dylan had any gigs in Scotland around then. However, he has a house in Scotland and so must have been in Glasgow for some reason and contacted Bobby.

I wonder if Dylan has seen any of the YouTube clips and films from our festival in Moville.

Bobby’s Email

Said Bobby

“Hi Gerry,
“Nice to hear from you. Yes I’m available on those dates.
“Yes I met Bob Dylan last year in November and he said he liked me playing Like a Rolling Stone at the Oran Mor in Glasgow.
“Check out my website at Oran Mor.
New Song
“Gerry, I’m doing one particular song from Bob Dylan’s Set List, Visions of Johanna, and I’ve mastered it like Bob Dylan did it in 1966 in Sheffield.
“My fan club in Scotland are blown away with the performance – just like Dylan in 1966.
“I hope to hear from you again, Gerry.
“keep up the good work.
“God bless.”
Listen to Bobby Plays Dylan
Hear the Greenock Tall Ships performance by clicking here
Listen to the track that took Dylan’s fancy and made him get in touch with Bobby by clicking Like a Rolling Stone.
Moville’s DylanFest will take place from August 21st to 24th in Moville, Co. Donegal in Ireland. Further information is on DylanFest on the Lough Details