Gala Opening

Rosatos will be re-opening before the St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Moville and what a bumper opening weekend it is going to be as far as music is concerned.

Their Grand Opening Weekend will start in the strongest way possible with a performance by the amazing Yetis on the Friday night (the 14th) – and we’re not just talking about the duo of James and Paul that they used to get.

This time it is the full band including drummer Stephen.

Savage Henry & Bulrush

One the Saturday night, Rosatos have that great duo, Savage Henry. That’s the duo where the guy plays double bass and the lead singer and guitarist, sounds like Moville’s top male singer, the Yetis James McIvor.

Then on the Sunday night (the 15th), Rosatos are throwing in one of their biggest guns, Bulrush, the duo from Derry who were the sensations of the Sunday night of the DylanFest in Rosatos. That should be great.

Folk & Trad

Then on St. Patrick’s Day itself, they will have Paddy the Shoe playing Irish Trad and folk from 5pm till 7pm.  All musicians and singers are welcome to join in. there’s no one better to lead a seisun than Paddy.

That’s a mouth-watering line-up. People will be planning what nights they can make it out. I’d hate to miss any of it.

I tend to watch the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and then go home for a few hours and come back in the evening. I’ll need to alter my plans with Paddy playing.

It will be fantastic to see the full Yetis band playing in Rosatos. I don’t think that has ever happened.

It’s only just over a week to go.

How exciting!