It’s that time of year once more. Pancake Tuesday has arrived. Like many I was cooking the pancakes at 7am for the breakfast. And they disappeared off the plate rather quickly. So they can’t have been too bad!
Maple Syrup on Pancakes
Yesterday I told a little 5 year old friend that I was going to make pancakes with him today after school. I told him he could mix the ingredients in the bowl and help with cooking them. He said to me, ‘so we’re going to have real pancakes’! I did laugh. Like many people today, the pancake mix is too easily available and saves all the hard work. But surely there’s no better fun that making those pancakes from scratch with the kids.

My big kids enjoyed them this morning, so I’ll treat another little kid to them this evening. They might not be the ‘best’ pancakes in the world, but they’ll certainly be ‘real pancakes’ as the little one said! Here’s to enjoying many pancakes before Ash Wednesday kicks in tomorrow!