Posted originally on Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Earlier in 2010 the Sunday World’s Pub Spy visited Rosatos and gave it a great review.

They said in their review “WHAT a find! What a pub! What an atmosphere!

“Every one of the Commandos just went “Wow” when we entered Rosato’s.
“The Old Commando stopped in his tracks, looked back at those of us following him and said, “Here is a pub that at first glance is authentic, and at a first glance it is spotless.”


They were also very impressed by the barman.

They said “The Young Commando was full of praise for the barman, pointing out that he was serving drink, serving food, helping people with the local geography and helping others to find accommodation”.

That would either have been bar manager David Kearney or Danny McLaughlin. They both fit the description.

Top Slot

Now they have reviewed all the pubs they visited in 2010 and have given Rosatos the Number 1 slot in their Top 5 Pubs of 2010.

They called their top five the Creamy of the Crop and said of them “there are still some real gems out there, pubs that capture that sense of being invited into a community and generating a great atmosphere, which are well worth a visit, sooner rather than later”.

Rosatos is also Number 1 for the third year in a row on the website


We’re very lucky to have Rosatos in Moville.

You never get a bad meal in there. The food is very consistent.

The people who work there are all very hard working and it is very well run pub.

It’s great to know that it is being recognised at national level.

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