Dulse and Carrigeen Moss have always been eaten by people here – perhaps less than they used to be.

Now scientists at the University of Newcastle are saying that tests have shown that eating seaweed keeps your weight down.

They are now talking about making it in powdered form that can be sprinkled over whatever you eat.

It seems that there is a compound in it that stops the body’s absorption of fat. This means that the fat in the meal would simply be excreted rather than absorbed.



They have experimented by putting the powder into bread and their experiments show that it works in keeping your weight down.

They are going to do further trials to see if it works when it is part pf a diet and, if so, the white seaweed powder could be put into all sorts of foods, e.g. sausages, cakes and yoghurt.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to eat anything you like knowing that the seaweed content of your meal would block the fat from absorbing into your bloodstream?

It will be a while till this is out in the shops.


In the meantime you could just eat a little bit of seaweed with your meals, or maybe immediately before.

I wonder if you can grind the Dulse up and insert it into your meal as a powder.

I’m off down the shore!

I’m sure Enda Craig will be delighted and will seek to show the need to preserve the seaweed beds found near Carnagarve.