Inishowen Independent

The Inishowen Independent published details of the Queen of England’s trip to Buncrana on August 14th of this year.

She will be accompanied by 500 members of the British Army Grenadiers Guards as they march up and down the town.

First Visit

It is the first visit from a British Head of State since Independence – although Prince Philip has visited Buncrana before.

She will be flying into Derry airport with her entourage and she will be driven up the scenic Derry road by the shore of Lough Foyle before coming through Moville town centre before taking a left turn onto the Malin Road and then on to Buncrana.

She will be in an open-topped carriage.


Large crowds are expected all along the Derry road and in the centre of Moville.

The Queen has been known in the past to stop off on a walkabout and throw some loose change to the town’s children.

The Queen is well aware of Moville’s connection to Field Marshall Montgomery.


Instructions have been sent out that women should curtsey and men should bend their knees if addressed by the Queen in Moville town centre.

It is rumoured that she and her entourage may stop off for a quick bite to eat in one of the local restaurants before heading on to Buncrana.

It should be a great day in Moville.

Originally posted Thursday, April 1, 2010