Here are the contents of a letter accompanying an application, submitted in 2010, by the Carnagarve Group to the Department of the Environment.

Department of the Environment, Heritage & Local government

Water Quality Section,

Newtown Road


Application for Bathing Water Designation

Dear Sirs,

In view of the recent coming into law of EC bathing water directive  2006/7/EC, we respectfully request that our traditional bathing area be designated as required for protection under the provisions of this directive.

In support of our application, we declare that this bathing area, located along the shoreline of Lough Foyle between the towns of Moville and Greencastle, has been in use from time immemorial by both local people and visitors. The beach is located at the end of a Council maintained access road, Lafferty’s Lane, which leads from the main Moville Greencastle road. We attach herewith, photographs taken in recent years clearly illustrating the popularity of this bathing area with both bathers and other water sports enthusiasts. They also show the picnic area and lifebelt provided by the Donegal County Council as amenities for beach users.

Our hope eventually is to attain Blue Flag status for the beach and its contiguous neighbours as amenities are provided in the short term. This protective designation will significantly boost efforts to  improve  other tourist amenities in the area as well. We attach great importance to the award of ‘City of Culture’ to the city of Derry, twenty miles distant, in 2013 and hope to be able to play our part in properly welcoming an undoubted increase in visitors especially in that year.

We very much hope for an early advice of the success of our application.

Further Letter

The Carnagarve group then sent this letter in 2012.

Donegal County Council

Donal Casey, Executive Chemist


County Donegal

Carnagarve Beach Designation

A Chara,

In response to your announcement of 13th August regarding submissions for bathing water designation we submit herewith our application for your consideration. This application is a resubmission of our original application of 21st December 2010 which appears to have lain dormant until now.

We attach herewith letters of support from Ms. Jennifer O’Donnell of Inishowen Tourism, coordinator of Inishowen preparations for Derry City of Culture 2013 and MEP Martina Anderson, both urging designation in time for the arrival of the many expected visitors during the summer of 2013. We await a similar letter from MEP Marian Harkin.

Inishowen Tourism Letter

Here is the letter from Jennifer O’Donnell of Inishowen Tourism.

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]; [email protected]

CC: [email protected]; [email protected]

Subject: Bathing Water Directive

Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2012 10:13:30 +0100

Good Morning,

I am writing to you regarding the Bathing Water Directive (2006/7/EC) and believe it is the responsibility of the Local Authorities to identify Bathing Waters within their functional areas. I understand that there has been an application made from the Community for Clean Estuary group in Moville to request that Carnagarve Beach become designated under this directive.

I am currently working with Derry – Londonderry City of Culture 2013 as City of Culture Liaison officer for Inishowen Tourism. My main role to ensure Inishowen benefits from the increased visitor numbers to the Northwest throughout 2013 and work on projects throughout the peninsula to promote Inishowen as a leading tourist destination. Expected visitor numbers to the Northwest region by month include : May – 154,300, June –  85,200, July – 104,050, August – 415,200.

Inishowen will see a huge increase in visitor numbers into the region especially towns like Moville with its direct route from Derry. This beach area is extremely popular with both locals and visitors and attaining full accreditation as a designated bathing area would be a huge boost for the tourism economy in Moville especially in the run up to and during City of Culture 2013.

Is this something you feel you could start tests on and have designation complete by Summer 2013.

 I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards

Jennifer O Donnell

 City of Culture & Trade Liaison Officer

Inishowen Tourism

Council Reply

January 2013
Mr. Enda Craig,
Committee for a Clean Estuary,
Lafferty’s Lane,
Co. Donegal.
RE: Designation of Carnagame Beach – Bathing Water Directive
Dear Mr. Craig,
I refer to your application to designate Camagarve Beach under the Bathing Water
Directive. As previously advised it is Council policy to achieve the highest number of
Blue Flag designations in the country. In20l2 this took a significant step forward with 13
Blue Flags awarded (this puts Donegal on a par with Mayo and Kerry). An analysis of
the suitability of beaches with Green Coast designations has been prioritised to assess the
potential to increase the number of Blue Flags further. Applications for 2013 must be
made by the middle of December 2012, including applications for consideration under
the pilot scheme (the pilot scheme allows for an evaluation in year one which, if
successful, would lead to a Blue Flag designation in year two). The potential of proposing
a beach to be included in the pilot scheme for 2013 is currently being considered by the
As you are no doubt aware the Council is facing significant financial challenges with
competing demands for limited resources. The maintaining of the existing Blue Flag,
Green Flag and designated beaches already places major demands on the resources of the
Council. Despite these adverse conditions the Council is continuing to maintain this
policy decision on beaches as the Council is mindful of the very significant potential that
Donegal beaches have to promote the County as a tourist/visitor destination, within its
_overall range of initiatives on tourism promotion.
I kust that you will appreciate, therefore, the rationale for the Council decision to pursue
this policy and apply the resources in this area rather than considering the designation of
further Bathing Waters at this time.
Yours sincerely,
Senior Executive Chemist.

EU Court

The Carnagarve Group are now going to take this to the EU.