Originally Posted Monday, May 7, 2012

Moville Rowers

Moville Rowers won the Mixed Team rowing race from Arklow to Aberystwyth – a journey of over 90 miles.

That’s twice the distance they did from Iona last year.

That was just a fun row while this one was a race.

Imagine winning it at their first attempt.

Made It

Last year half of the 25 crews didn’t make it at all.

Not only did the Moville crew make it but they won the damned thing as well.

All those hours of practice have paid off.

It seems that conditions were the worst they have ever been for the Celtic Challenge.

Sea Sick

There was lots of sea sickness – but they battled through it and took the victory.

Some of the race had to be rowed in the dark as it was expected to last about 18 hours.

Overall they were 3rd out of 22 crews – behind two all-men crews but ahead of quite a few all men crews.

They did it in 20 hours, 34 minutes more than an hour in front of the 2nd mixed crew who are from Wales.

Seven boats pulled out very early because of the conditions and others were expected to join them.

We’ve got hardy rowers in Moville and Greencastle.

Top Irish

Not only were they the first mixed crew home but they were the first Irish crew as well – beating several all-men boats.

What next for them?

They’ll probably row the Atlantic next year – and get further than the Titanic did.

If you see any of them congratulate them!

It was an epic journey and a magnificent victory.