Shane Wallace from Donegal TV sent me the following! Sounds like fun!

Shane Wallace of Donegal TV and his team of volunteers will be traveling the length and breadth of this beautiful county of Donegal this Friday 28th Feb, Saturday 1st March & Sunday 2nd March to film the very popular video based on the Pharrell Williams song “Happy”. This song has taken the world by storm and happy people from all over the globe have filmed their own versions.,
Donegal happy
The response to the venture has been amazing and we have the makings of a very happy weekend in Donegal. The video though is only 5 minutes long & not everyone who will be filmed will be featured on the video that’s the unfortunate part, but those that impress & showcase how Happy the people of Donegal are in their own style will get noticed.
Thanks to everyone for their support and the local tourism organisations & community groups who have volunteered, without all your help this would not be possible.
The locations that the film crew will be attending & times are on our facebook page ;
Watch out for the convoy of Happy Cars, the camera crew, the team of volunteers, the photographers this Friday, Saturday & Sunday at the following locations.
Come on Join in the fun & let the world see just how “Happy” Donegal people are!!
Donegal Is Happy