Porpoise Dylan

When Anthony Craig was on the Sean Doherty show on Highland Radio today he was told, by an expert on sea mammals, to leave Dylan (called after Moville’s annual DylanFest), Moville’s porpoise, alone and just let it die if it got beached on Moville’s shore again.

He was told that, it may seem cruel, but it was for the best for the porpoise. Indeed the expert said it was cruel to keep rescuing it.

Anthony had found it beached up again this morning and put it in the Bredagh River where it revived.


It seems that Dylan has now swam back out into the lough.

However, if it gets washed up again, if Anthony and other Movillians follow the expert’s advice, Dylan the porpoise will just be left to die on the beach.

That would be quite heartbreaking just to leave it there as local residents like Anthony and Jackie Craig, Veterinary Medicine student, Rhea McLaughlin, and Trish Murphy have bonded with it, even feeling its heartbeat and its breathing.

High Tide is at 5:14pm tonight. If the porpoise is washed ashore then, then the expert advice is just to leave it to die.

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