Moville’s Porpoise

The porpoise must like it here. Twice it has been taken back into Lough Foyle and twice it has come back into the Bredagh Rivers.

Anthony and Jackie Craig were delighted to see it back again in the River Bredagh and that it was still alive.

According to Veterinary Medecine student, Rhea McLaughlin, who was in the water with the porpoise, it is a harbour porpoise, which is the most common one in Ireland. They swim close to the shore and are often found in rivers.


They are often found hundreds of metres upstream. They grow to about a metre and a half normally. This one would be less than a metre.

So, it looks as if they can deal with fresh water as well as salt water. That was a concern yesterday.

Anyway here’s pictures of it swimming in the Bredagh River taken by Rhea McLaughlin. There is also film of it but we haven’t received any links to it yet.

porpoise 7

porpoise 8porpoise 9