Baby Porpoise

When Trish Murphy and Anthony Craig put the baby porpoise, which they had found washed up on the beach, into the lough last night they thought that that would be the last time they saw it alive.

They were talking about the carcass being washed up on the beach in the morning.

However, the good news is that it is still alive and well – and swimming up and down the Bredagh River again.

They are calling it Dylan as Europe’s biggest DylanFest takes place in Moville annually.

porpoise 6


It is proving quite an attraction.

Martin Farren is out there looking for it at the moment. Maybe he thinks it will bring tourism to Moville. He’ll maybe be on to the Minister for a grant.

Perhaps we should set up a fairground there and sell stuff. How quickly could we knock up little images of it for the tourists?

It seems it was on Morning Ireland this morning when they were talking about it.

Dylan, Moville’s porpoise, heads out to sea

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