Headed Out To Sea

It’s gone! Moville’s porpoise, Dylan, has left the Bredagh River and headed out to sea.

After putting it back in the lough last night, along with Trish Murphy, Anthony Craig found Dylan washed up on the beach again this morning and carried it to the Bredagh River where it revived.

It was swimming about nicely for a while but now it seems that it felt strong enough to head back out to sea again and entered lough Foyle from the Bredagh River of its own volition.

porpoise 4

Nice To See

Although it would have been nice for more people to have seen it, it’s still great news that Dylan has recovered its strength and felt strong enough to head out to sea.

We will see after the next high tide if it managed to make it or not.

Anthony Craig and the other residents of the River Row are hoping that it won’t be found lying on the shore again.

They are cousins of the dolphin and are highly intelligent. Let’s hope it knows that it was helped by the Moville residents and comes back to see us again.

porpoise 8

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