Rescue Team

The rescue team were Anthony Craig and Trish Murphy ably abetted by Rhea and Robbie McLaughlin and Keith Craig.

Anthony and Trish waded into the cold dark waters of the River Bredagh to try to rescue the baby porpoise.

Trish and Anthony carried it all the way up the River Bredagh walking along the stony river bed in the dark till they reached the lough.

Trish then carried it out into Lough until the cold, dark water was up to her waist before she let it go.

Still Alive

It was still alive as she could hear it breathe, but, said Trish, ” its breathing was quick and its heart was pounding, When I put it down in the water it just went on its side and didn’t swim away.”

Trish then left it there and went ashore. It wasn’t washed ashore while we were there but the rescuers weren’t confident that it would survive. However, it was still alive when they had it.

Perhaps, after a rest it might recover. Perhaps it will be able to put out a call to its mother and the rest of the pod and get help from them.

Still Hope

What the rescuers don’t want to find is a dead porpoise lying on the shore in the morning.

hearing a fellow mammal breathe and its heart beating seems to have touched the hearts of Anthony and Trish who appear to have formed a bond with it.

One has to give them great credit for wading into the cold water to try to save a fellow mammal’s life.

We’ll see what the night brings.

Picture are on the way.