Storm Warning

We’re not over it yet as there is a storm warning till 7pm tonight. However, Moville wasn’t badly hit by this morning’s high tides.

The winds are still gusting and we’ve got another high tide at 3:20pm to get over before the storm abates.

However, so far so good.

This was not at the highest point of the tide cycle as it was in the other 3 storms that battered Moville this winter.

That will come in about 4 or 5 days time.

There’s no storms predicted for that time so far, as far as I know.


If we survive this one surely the worst is over and we can look forward to the Spring.

Wouldn’t it be awful if this became our normal weather with all that global warming having an effect on the climate.

It would be awful if Donegal became not just permanently wet but permanently windy as well.