There’s a baby porpoise swimming up and down the River Bredagh where the River Row is.

Anthony Craig found it lying on the shore when he was out walking his dog. He reckoned it had been there all day.

He and Jackie, along with Trish Murphy, Rose Kelly and Brian Wingham, poured water on it to revive it and then put it back in the water over by the kayaks but it got washed back ashore again. They then took it to where the River Bredagh meets the lough.

River Bredagh

It immediately swam up the River Bredagh where it has been ever since. People are taking pictures and film.

If you want to see it get down here pronto.

It’s only about three feet long and is probably very young.

It may have got separated in the storms and may not be able to make contact because of the noise of it. It may be taking shelter in the River Bredagh.

There will be more on this later. I’m going back outside.