The Met have issued a yellow warning for tonight in Donegal. It seems tha there are going to be winds of 65 kilometres an hour with gusts of up to 100 Km/hr.

It seems that the storms will come tonight and right through Tuesday with 7pm on Tuesday when the warning ends.

Movillians on low ground will be battening down the hatches especially in such places like the River Row which took a real battering last time.

The FAS guys will be hoping that the repairs that they have already made to the shore path won’t be destroyed by the new storm.

shore path storm 2 dogs

Major Storms

This will be the fourth major storm of the winter with storms in early January and early February as well as mid February.

All of those came at a time when the high tides were at their peak and there had been a lot of rain falling into the rivers.

We are approaching that time again.

High Tides

There will be a high tide at 3pm this afternoon but probably the most dangerous time will be at 3:20am tomorrow morning when we are all asleep.

There will be another high tide at 16:12 tomorrow before the storm warning abates.

Let’s hope we can see this one out and that the storms will soon be over with spring on the way.