Celtic or Rangers

There’s often arguments as to who is the biggest team in Scotland. Rangers have the most trophies. Their support is probably similar.

However, in terms of their value on the Stock Market Celtic are worth almost 4 times as much as Rangers.


Rangers raised £22m on the Stock Market at a share price of 70p. Their shares are now worth 27.5p so investors have lost a lot. They’ve also gone through all of that £22m.

Their market value in total is now £17.9m – which is less than the cash they raised on the Stock Market just 18 months ago.


Celtic’s share price is 74.25p – which is almost double what they were when Rangers raised money 18 months ago.

Celtic’s total value on the Stock Market is £68m compare dto Rangers £17.9m.

So, the Stock Market is saying that Celtic are almost 4 times as big as Rangers – when Rangers were valued at more than Celtic when they raised money from the Stock Market 18 months ago.

That’s quite a turnaround.

Blown Money

During that time Rangers have blown all the money they raised while playing the likes of Alloa whereas Celtic were earning vast sums by making the Champions League group stages in the past couple of seasons and getting to the last 16 last year where they beat Barcelona and when they earned more from that than Rangers raised on the Stock Market.

They still have that money whereas Rangers’ cash has gone.

That’s why the markets are now saying that Celtic are 4 times as big as Rangers.


18 months ago I said that Celtic shares were two cheap and they have doubled in that time.

Some time soon, but not yet as they still have financial troubles, I would say that Rangers shares would be cheap.

When Rangers are back in the Premier League in Scotland Celtic won’t be 4 times as big as Rangers. There’s no way that a club Rangers’ size is worth only €17.9m in total. You’d hardly get a decent player in England for that.