Since July 2013 Muff has had the great fortune of boasting one of the best play parks in the region! Like many others in the area, my children missed out on such a facility when growing up. We had to travel to Moville to enable the kids to avail of such! However our local kids now have this amazing place to go and play.
Muff park 1
I was very fortunate to have my little niece home this week as it gave me the opportunity to pop along to the said ‘park’ yesterday. Once again, I sat back and watched as many children took advantage of the ‘good’ day. It’s such a delight to watch these kids having such fun.
Muff park 2
However, there is always a downside. More funds are needed to help pay for this fantastic play area. The committee are continually raising money and putting such hard work into the maintenance of the park. A number of fundraising events are currently been organised and every help and contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Just spend one hour down in this park with a child and see how worthwhile this space really is!