I was in Maguires and they stuck on a programme on the Irish Storms on Three, just before the Vincent Browne programme  and after the football match last night.

I was astonished to see a film of Moville’s storm at the start of January. I thought they must have linked the TV to a YouTube video on their PC in Maguires. However, they hadn’t. It was actually on TV.

I can’t remember whether it was Don McGinley’s film or Anthony Craig’s. Both of them showed the storm lashing the River Row and parts are quite similar showing the waves crashing in.


I said to the guys in the pub “that was Moville that was just on the TV”. The guy behind the bar said that it wasn’t as he had been watching it.

I looked at the others in the pub to see if they had recognised it but they hadn’t. They must have thought I was seeing things.

However, I was confident it was. I’d stuck the films on CraicOn. You could see McGuinness’s house and the back gardens in the River Row being whiplashed by the storm.


Luckily a little later in the programme it showed CorMc’s film of the old pier and the Fid being bashed by the storms. I stuck that up on CraicOn at the time although I don’t know who CorMc is.

A couple of times later on they should the film of the River Row being bashed and had the caption that it was Moville, Donegal.

The programme also showed Government ministers talking about what they were going to do about the storm.

Martin Farren

Martin Farren and the Council have put in for some emergency funding to fix the shore path in Moville (€70,000) so it will do no harm that the Government ministers have seen the film of Moville’s storm.

Indeed when Martin called junior Transport and Roads Junior Minister, Alan Kelly, to lobby for the money for Moville he had seen the films and Martin said that he was sympathetic.

We are waiting to hear whether Moville has got any money.


I’m not sure how the TV got hold of te films of Moville. Perhaps it was Don McGinley or perhaps they just got them from the internet.

A picture is worth a thousand words and these films have pushed Moville up the queue for emergency funding.

We were glad to be able to publishing them on CraicOn.