The Finance Mister at the Department of State for Ireland, Brian Hayes, was interviewed extensively on last night’s programme on TV3, about funding to fix the recent storms.

I’m sure he would have watched the programme last night where he said that money would be found from various departments to fix the storm damage.

Although he didn’t name any places specifically that would get money, he would have seen the bashing that Moville’s shoreline took from the storm, as footage of it, mainly taken by Don McGinley, was shown at four different stages of the programme.

Money for Moville

Almost certainly many members of the Government would have seen the programme last night including those with the responsibility of choosing who gets the money.

They say that a picture paints a thousand words but it may have painted 70,000 Euro as that is the amount Martin Farren and the Council asked for from the emergency funding.

When Don McGinley took the film he probably thought that it would be seen by a few people in Moville. Now, almost certainly, most of the Government will have seen it.

But will they give Moville 70 grand to fix the shore path and raise the breakwater wall at the river Row?

We’ll know soon.