Here are the best read articles of our first year of the new website.

Moville’s Shore Walk destroyed by storms 9,182
A Tribute to Aisling Curran 2,826
No Shelter From the Storm – Film of the buffeting Moville took 1,727
DylanFest on the Lough 2014 is on in Moville 1,544
The Point Inn reopens 1,461
How people from Moville can learn from Greencastle folk 1,426
2013 DylanFest / BeatlesFest Programme of Events 1,043
Definitive film of the flooding in Moville 917
Martin Farren leaps into action over Moville shore walk 888
The Day Bon Scott of AC/DC died 722
Moville’s main tourist asset destroyed in a night 714
Finnegan’s Bar reopens…Paul Rankin comes to Muff 696
New pictures of flooded Moville 674
Mini Tsunami to hit Moville this evening? 653
Bed & Breakfast in Moville 627
10 Facts about new Caiseal Mara owner 625
Moville Tradesmen 581
River Row and Bay Field flooded as storms ravage Moville. 563
Dates for Irish DylanFest in 2014 535
Two females selling ‘Pots and Pans’! 520
World War 2 memories of Moville 495
Green Bun! 489
BeatlesFest on the Lough 2014 is on 489
Caiseal Mara to be open by Paddy’s Day 489
STOP ‘NekNomination’ NOW! 471
Mary Deeney’s is open for business! 461
Dylan v The Beatles. Ireland v England 442
Caiseal Mara has been bought 419
Irish DylanFest set for late August 413
Self Catering holidays in Moville 399