Labour Councillor, Martin Farren, has welcomed the completion of 3 uncontrolled crossings in Moville.

These crossings are marked by flexible reflective bollards on the pavement and by coloured road dressing on the actual crossings.

Martin Farren at Crossing

“Traffic flow in Moville has been a problem for pedestrians for some time now and it is hoped that this new initiative will improve matters for pedestrians at the three busiest crossing points in the town”, said Farren.

“I would have preferred to have seen either full traffic lights or Pelican crossing lights but both these options would have involved the loss of a considerable amount of parking space in the centre of the town which would have restricted shoppers arriving by car”.


The Road Traffic Regulations require 8 metres road clearance on each side of the traffic lights which would have resulted in loss of parking in front of businesses.

“By introducing uncontrolled crossings no loss of parking has been incurred.”

With uncontrolled crossings road traffic has right of way over pedestrians but it is hoped that the reflective bollards and different road colouring will encourage motorists to be aware of the crossings and the pedestrians using them.

Warning signs have also been erected to alert motorists approaching the crossings.

I would like to thank the Council Road Services for taking my concerns on board and for working with  me to achieve a solution which, hopefully, will address the concerns of pedestrians and shoppers alike.