Year Old

CraicOn has been going since November 2006. However, the new version, after Grainne started the Muff version of the website and the new software was implemented, was started in February 2013.

We actually missed the anniversary which was on February 9th. However, this is the anniversary month.

Since we started the version of the website a year ago we have had almost a quarter of a million Page Views (248,557).

Page Views

Page Views are a far more accurate figure for measuring how busy a website is than other measures.

Hits are virtually meaningless as a measure of traffic. It depends how a page is made up. If a page is made up of 30 different parts then if someone clicked on that page it would be one Page View but 30 hits.

If you hear someone talking about getting so many hits they are probably trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Unique Visitors

Another inaccurate measure is number of Unique Visitors to a website. You cannot tell that.

Most workplaces have a range of IP addresses and you pick up a different IP address each time you log in. So, if you looked in 10 times in a day you might well register as 10 different unique visitors.

Also, often it is reset daily so if you looked in with the same IP address ever day for a week it would count you as 7 different people.


So, thanks to all the people who looked in at CraicOn Moville and at CraicOn Muff. Grainne has made a big difference since she came on board.

Her articles average more page views than mine do. I can always tell when Grainne has added an article as there is a sudden surge in Page Views.

Our best read article in that time was the one with picture of the storm damage to the shore path taken by Eddie Harkin which had more than 9,000 reads – which is more than treble the combined populations of Moville and Muff.

Thanks to all who looked in and we hope to have an even more successful 2nd year.