They have some great acts in Rosatos and Saturday nights were always memorable.

Now we await the new refurbished Rosatos which should open again on March 7th, which is a Friday.

I’m told that there will be a special treat for opening night.

Out and About

It has been an opportunity to get out and about, though, over the last few weeks and I’ve enjoyed my nights at Maguires, McGettigan’s and the Sean Ti in Greencastle.

I’ve got to meet, and speak to, a few people I wouldn’t normally meet.

But it will be nice to have Rosatos back again.


I’m sure other places will have benefitted from Rosatos being closed, although there are some people who only go to Rosatos and who must have stayed at home over the last few weeks.

For me, it’s nice to have got out and about.

With Rosatos opening in March and the Caiseal Mara potentially opening then as well, Moville will be on the up again.