It was announced today by the Department of Gaming that Greencastle is to get a casino for next year.

It is all part of the attempt to boost tourism in Inishowen and to make the ferry profitable.

Obvious Location

The casino was originally to have opened in Limavady but it seems that the laws in the north are more strict as regards these kind of things than they are in the Republic so when the decision was taken to build the casino on this side of the border, Greencastle was the obvious location.

It means those from the north can come over and spend an evening gambling and then make their way home via the ferry.

Green Area

It will be situated on the green area in the main part of town across from the main shops and pubs.

It is expected to bring around 35 jobs to Greencastle.

Major Boost

Said Casino operator Roddy Campbell “We are very excited by this new project and have been very pleased to get planning permission in a prime location in Greencastle very close to where the ferry lands. This will be a major boost to Greencastle”.

“After the casino opens in April next year there are plans to build a lap dancing club next door to it which open sometime in the following summer”.


Said Roddy Campbell “This will provide even more employment in the area. We will obviously bring some exotic dancers with us but we will be recruiting from the local area too.

“This is just the boost that Greencastle needs to replace older industries and to keep its young people”.

Roddy says that he has the backing of Donegal Council for this.

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