Caiseal Mara

The new owner of the Caiseal Mara was spotted up in Moville earlier this week looking round his new hotel with his family and assessing what needs to be done to get it open again.

He did plan to get it open for St. Patrick’s Day but it may or not have been delayed by the pneumonia he had recently. The plan was to open the bar and restaurant even before then.

However, he has said that they won’t open till they are ready.


It will be a major boost for Moville when the hotel opens back up. Moville has been struggling without it.

Business prices have been tumbling by up to 90% of previous prices and house prices have been tumbling in their wake.

Lots of Moville’s youngsters, including many who would previously have found work at the Caiseal Mara, have left these shores to all ends of the earth to find work there.

For Moville, the opening of the Caiseal Mara will be like getting a new heart – and the day is not far off for its re-opening.