MaryMcCauley Crossing

Crossing Points

Mary McCauley the Fianna Fail candidate for the May local elections is urging local people to be aware of the confusion caused by the crossing points in local towns and villages such as Muff and Moville.

The Fianna Fail candidate for the Foyle and surrounding areas said, “I was approached by a few local people in Moville uncertain as to who had right of way at these relatively newly marked crossings.  So I contacted the Roads Engineer for Donegal County Council for clarification.

“He informed me that they were referred to as “uncontrolled crossing points” over which oncoming traffic has the right of way at all times.”

No Right of Way

She continued, “However, I know that some people believe that pedestrians have the right of way.  Vehicles coming through a town or village should always slow down to be aware of pedestrians but unfortunately this is not always the case and there have been a few near misses where pedestrians have proceeded to cross the road thinking oncoming traffic was obliged to stop when in fact this is not the case.”

The County Council Engineer has assured me that red and white bollards will soon be erected at each end of the crossings to make them more visible. I will continue to engage with the Council to determine the possibility of installing a proper pedestrian crossing before there is a serious accident.

In the meantime I am asking all pedestrians to exercise due care and attention when crossing the road at these points and motorists to be extra vigilant also”, said McCauley.