Valentine’s Day

As I said in a previous article, St. Valentine’s Day can be a traumatic time. Everyone seems to think that other people are getting lots of Valentine’s Day cards while they get none.

As I said in that article, most people get none unless they are in a relationship in which it is compulsory.

I thought I’d do a straw poll in Maguires last night and asked the youngsters there if they had sent out any Valentine’s Day cards.

None of them had.

The reason that so few people get them is that few people send them out.


I’ve always wondered why you would pay for a Valentine’s Day card (and I noticed how expensive they were this year) and post it off and the person you sent it to didn’t even know it was from you.

It’s different if you are in a relationship when the day can be fun. However, for most people it is at best a disappointment and at worst, for youngsters, traumatic.