McLaughlin’s Shop and Filling station

I was very sad to read in my Inishowen Independent this morning that McLaughlin’s shop and filling station in Gleneely is closing. The post office located in the shop will remain open for the present.

That will be  a big blow for the people of Gleneely. It will also be a blow to those who filled up at the petrol station on the way through.

It seems that it has been in the family for 70 years – three generations.

GAA Draw

I remember, a few years ago, Danny McGettigan, calling me up and saying I’d won a few thousand quid in the GAA weekly draw. I can’t remember how much it was but it was a substantial amount – not a ‘life-changer’ as they say on those TV shows but definitely very nice.

I told Danny, it couldn’t be me. He told me that it was. The name was on the ticket ‘Gerry McLaughlin’.


I was astonished – and a little worried.

My astonishment was because I hadn’t even bought a ticket.

My worry, because Danny was quite insistent that I had won, was because I was starting to wonder if I had bought the ticket in the pub on Saturday night, filled in my name – and not even remembered doing any of this.

That would be more worrying than any delight at winning the money.

Anyway I insisted to Danny that it wasn’t mine and he eventually started his search for another Gerry McLaughlin.

Gleneely Gerry

I heard afterwards that it went to a Gerry McLaughlin in Gleneely who worked at the Post Office there. I hadn’t bought a ticket and filled in the form and paid for it without remembering.

Even then a few people said to me “I hear you won the big money”.

Although it was  Kevin McLaughlin named in the paper as the owner of the shop and filling station I’m assuming there is some connection.

I hope he used the money usefully.