Triple Whammy

Moville was due overnight to be hit by a triple whammy, of high tides, high rainfall and high winds – the same combination that hit it hard both in early January and in early February.

Danger time was at 6:08am this morning when the tide was at its highest. Fortunately the wind wasn’t at its highest at that point and Moville survived.

However, the danger is not over yet. There’s an even higher tide tonight and the highest tide of the cycle is on Friday, February 14th. It could be  Valentine’s Day massacre for Moville as the River Bredagh’s water levels are already high after the rainfall.


The shore walk path has taken a terrible battering with €70,000 worth of damage done.

The breakwater, the sea defences of the River Row, have been breached in both previous storms with debris washed up over the breakwater and ito the residents’ back gardens.

There will be a high tide at 6:21 tonight and another at 6:33am tomorrow morning when tides will be the peak of the cycle.

Hopefully we will survive it again – but there is a lot of danger over the next couple of days.