International Incident

According ex Donegal mayor, Independent Councillor Frank McBrearty, talking to Donegal daily, a major international incident took place this morning. He said it needs to be thoroughly investigated.

It seems that a PSNI van crossed over the border close to Lifford and was snapped by a local citizen before the driver crossed back over the border.

Councillor McBrearty was afraid that if local republicans had spotted it there could have been shots and local people hurt.

Can’t Cross

The PSNI are not allowed to cross the border into the Republic of Ireland and Garda are not allowed to cross the border the other way.

Of course, it was almost certainly an accident but accidents have caused major incidents and confrontations in the past when border protocols have been breached.

Iran snatched a small boatful of Britons whom they said were inside their territory while on the boat.

However, the Irish Army are unlikely to be called into action on this occasion and a grovelling apology and a promise not to do it again is expected to be sufficient.