Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the year that many people dread – St. Valentine’s Day. It’s always thought that it is a day of great romance. However, it is a day of dread for many people – especially youngsters.

Supposedly, just about everyone else is getting Valentine’s Day cards in the post – except for you.

I remember, in school, guys in my class used to talk about how many Valentines’ Day cards they got. Some of the figures were quiet staggering.

Upping the Bids

Each person that spoke got more than the ones who previously spoke – and the guy who had spoken first and given the lowest number chirped up that he had left before the post had arrived and that there would be more waiting for him when he returned.

How many people say, when asked, “I didn’t get any”? I can’t remember anyone saying that.


However, you know that you are lying but you think the others are telling the truth. “So why does everyone else get multiple Valentines Day cards and I didn’t get any” youngsters would think to themselves.

I’m sure that it can be quite traumatic for youngsters who don’t get and but think that most other people are getting them.

However, it is mainly people who are already in a relationship who mainly buy Valentines Day cards.

I don’t remember any couple ever telling me that they got together originally after one of them sent the other a Valentine’s Day card, anonymously or not.

One Up

I think, in my whole life, I only got one Valentine Card from someone that I wasn’t in a relationship with – which is one more than I ever sent.

I think the Americans have a good system where all the boys give all the girls in the class a small Valentine’s Day card and vice-versa.

If you want to really find out how many Valentines cards get sent out ask people how many they sent rather than they received. Then ask yourself why there is a big discrepancy between the number of Valentines received and the number sent out.

So, if you are not in a relationship and don’t get a Valentine’s Day Card this year, don’t worry – you’re in the same boat as most of us.