Rosatos has been closed for the last three Saturdays and will be closed for three more. As most people know I tend to go there when I go out.

Rosatos has been missed but it has given their customers an opportunity to sample other pubs in the area.

There’s the bonus that Rosatos will be even better after its refurbishment.


I’ve tended to go to Maguires when I go out as well as McGettigan’s and the Sean Ti at the weekend.

It’s a younger crowd at Maguires than Rosatos but it’s a good young crowd. It’s kind of like Rosatos but darker.

I’m always impressed by the young people of Moville. Many are out of work and don’t see much hope for the future.


There would be many places where the youth would be disaffected by high unemployment and would cause trouble. Not in Moville.

I’ve always quite liked McGettigans as well, If they had music at the weekend I would go more often. It’s a good place for a conversation.

Sean Ti

The Sean Ti had a Songwriters Night in the snug bar last Saturday which filled the bar nicely. It’s quite a cosy little bar.

This Friday night they had a Yetis Plus four piece in the snug bar and a Folk & Trad seisun in the snug on the Saturday night.

Both were very pleasant nights. I’d go to the Sean Ti more often if I lived nearer.

Special Treat

So, we’re half way through the period of Rosatos closure and it has been pleasant enough.

It will still be nice to have it open again though – and I hear they have a special treat for their opening night – but more of that later.