Many of us who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s will surely remember the six pack of pastries with the ‘green bun’! There was only one ‘green bun’ and everyone in the household wanted the ‘green bun’! The pastries were all delicious but the ‘green bun’ was exceptionally so. In my house my big sis always claimed the ‘green bun’!

A couple of weeks ago I noticed on facebook that ‘The Lily Rose Sandwich Bar and Coffee Shop’ in Buncrana was advertising a special bun, The ‘Green Bun’ on Fridays and Saturdays only! So I just had to go see if it was the ‘green bun’ which I remember from childhood!
Green bun
This morning my queries were solved. It is indeed the ‘green bun’ from all those years ago. Only, it’s now better than ever. Home made by ‘The Lily Rose’ in Buncrana this is a ‘must eat’! They are flying of the cake stand and it’s definitely worth popping in early in the day to ensure getting one!

As I sat researching a music interview this morning, I savoured a delicious coffee and a modern day ‘green bun’! Go check the ‘green bun’ out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!