The American Census shows that there are 34.5m people in the USA who claim Irish ancestry. That’s 2nd out of any country.

Do you know which country has the most number of people who claim ancestry from there?

It’s Germany. I was surprised at that.

US Citizens

150,990 US citizens were born in Ireland. That’s something to ponder on by those who say that foreigners should not be allowed to come to Ireland to work. No doubt there will be lots more Irish people living there who are not US citizens.


92.9% of people of Irish ancestry have at least a high school diploma.

The average for the whole of America is 85.9% – quite a big difference.

Those of Irish origin who have a degree is 33.3% – more than 5% more than the US population as a whole.


Teh average household income of Irish Americans is $57,319 against $50,502 for the nation as a whole.

The Irish run Boston, which is perhaps the best educated place in the US with Harvard, MIT and Boston College there.

Indeed, all of the seven Ivy League universities in America are in the North east with Yale in neighbouring Connecticut and Brown in neighbouring Rhode Island which is even more Irish than Boston.

The Irish have been a major success story in the USA.