Caiseal Mara

I was speaking to a spokesman from the new Caiseal Mara owner the other day when he said something surprising.

I told him that we run Stuck Inside of Moville, the DylanFest on the Lough here.

I was surprised to hear him say “I’ve met Dylan a few times. He’s a lovely man. When he was in Ireland he used to stay in a flat just near us. I’d see him often and had a couple of conversations with him”.

Well that’s interesting!

Dylan Himself

Maybe one day Bob D will venture up here, maybe incognito to our DylanFest.

He might find his old pal from Dublin here already.

Hopefully the Caiseal Mara will again put on acts from the DylanFest. I’ve got a whole heap of very good acts for this year with not enough venues to put them in.

Open Doors

An open Caiseal Mara would be great!

It would also mean that the Dylan fans would have somewhere to stay when they came to Moville.

I’m sure Al Diesan, the genius from Sardinia who has proved very popular at 3 DylanFests, will be delighted as he always stayed there when he was here, till last year.

The DylanFest takes place in 2014 from Aug 1st to 4th in Moville.