Unemployment in Moville got to 30% – double the rest of recession hit Ireland and the peak it hit at the worst of the Great Depression in America.

Major tourists businesses, that were worth a million Euros plus 8 years ago are selling for comparative peanuts.

Businesses are going bust and property prices are plunging.

The End

However, the end is at hand of the worst recession in Moville’s history.

This is a tourist town and how many tourist towns do you know with no hotels?

However, at the very worst of the crisis, there is now a light at the end of the tunnel.

Caiseal Mara

Certainly by the summer, and probably much earlier, the Caiseal Mara hotel will be open, Visitors by the busload will be coming back to the town and spreading out all over the town spending money.

Probably 20 to 30 of the town’s people, mainly youngsters, will have jobs.

Our youngsters will emigrate less and those earning money will spend money about the town.

We have reached bottom.

Now, the recovery is almost at hand.