Not Normal

This is not a normal winter at all. The normal should be cold, sometimes frosty, overcast days with some rain.

Not this year!

It’s either wild or mild.

Up and Down

February 2nd was a nice mild day with sunny skies. February 3rd was wild and stormy with waves lashing the Bay Field.

And today, February 4th, it is mild again with lots of sunny sky.

What’s going on?

No Snow

At least there’s no snow – not yet, anyway, although there was snow on the hills a few days ago on one of the few days where it was properly wintry.

The end of January / early February, is normally the coldest time of the year – but not today.

It’s getting very difficult to predict the weather these days. It’s best just to take it as it comes.

There’s another storm predicted for tonight followed by another respite and then another one on Friday night.