In the storms of early January the breakwater which protects the River Row was not enough to hold back the high tides and the storm. Debris was dumped in people’s back gardens and in one or two houses the sea came up to their back doors.

The River Row street became part of the Bredagh River as it overflowed its banks. The River Row became a peninsula for a couple of hours.

One was hoping that it was a one-off and that it would be another 15 years or so before we had anything so bad – but only a month later the tidal defences are breached again.

Seaweed and Plastic

There is a line of seaweed, plastic bottles, tree trunks and large boulders 5 t0 10 metres beyond the breakwater and into people’s back gardens.

The back gardens slope up after the breakwater for 10 to 15 metres and then slope down to the houses.

So the tide wasn’t far away from coming right over the top. It wasn’t quite as far in as the tide in early January but it was pretty damn close.

Next Battering

The next high tide will be at 9:21 tonight – when it will be dark.

The batterings continue.

We just live in hope that the next battering will not see the tide coming over the top and into our back gardens and down the slope to the house.